Iberian Cebo Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed
Iberian Cebo Shoulder 50% Iberian Breed

Iberian bait shoulder 50% Iberian breed

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A palette of bait cured at more than 1300m altitude, get ready to try something unique.

With a delicate and juicy flavor, and thanks to its moderate fat level, a soft texture is obtained.

Weight: 5-5.5kg

More than 18 months of healing.

Bait feeding.

  • 5kg - 5.5kg

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Information about the product "Iberian bait shoulder 50% Iberian breed"

The Iberian bait shoulder is made from the front legs of Iberian pigs. It comes from Iberian pigs fed with feed composed of cereals and legumes, high quality feed.

Curing: Minimum of 18 months of natural drying in an open window

Feed: Bait

Origin: 50% Iberian

Piece with hoof and V cut in the bark.

What differences exist between a Serrano and Iberian ham shoulder?

Serrano ham and Iberian ham shoulders are two types of ham that are very popular in Spain and other countries. Although both are cured popsicles, there are some important differences between them in quality, flavor, and the way they are made.

Breed of pig: The main difference between Serrano ham and Iberian ham is the breed of pig used in its production. Serrano ham is made with white pigs of the Landrade, Large White and Duroc breeds, while Iberian ham is made with pigs of the Iberian breed, which originate from the Iberian Peninsula.

Food: another factor that influences the quality and flavor of the Ham is the food for pigs. The pigs used to make Iberian ham are raised freely in the pastures and fed on acorns and other natural foods. On the other hand, the pigs used to make Serrano ham are raised on farms and fed on feed and cereals.

Curing: the curing process of ham is another important factor that influences its flavor and texture. Iberian ham is cured for a period of between 24 and 48 months, while Serrano ham is cured for a period of between 12 and 18 months.

Flavor and texture: Iberian ham is characterized by having an intense and aromatic flavor, with a soft texture and unctuous. On the other hand, Serrano ham has a softer and saltier flavor, with a firmer texture.

In general, Iberian shoulders are considered of higher quality and more expensive than Serrano ham shoulders, due to the pigs' diet and the longer curing process. However, both types of ham are highly appreciated in Spanish gastronomy and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes and preparations.

Buy Iberian bait shoulder online

In our gourmet store, you can find quality Iberian ham shoulder. We are dedicated to the online sale of ham as well as other gourmet products. All our shoulders are cured at more than 1300m altitude, in the province of Teruel. Where we find humidity and temperature conditions that allow natural healing. We have direct factory shipments. Choose the Iberian shoulder that you like the most and we will send it to your home in 24/48 hours. We also ship to the entire European Union, with delivery times of between 48/120 hours. If you don't know which ham shoulder to choose, we can advise you on this, from our social networks, email, telephone or from the chat available on our own page www.degustateruel.com

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Jamón de cebo ibérico 50% Raza ibérica
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