Big reserve ham

Big reserve ham

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Weights: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg

Serrano ham with more than 24 months of curing.

Ideal for any time.


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Healing: 24 months

Provenance: White pig

Cut: Piece with hoof and V cut in the bark

Weight: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg

What is gran reserva ham?

The gran reserve ham is a type of high quality ham and with a long maturation period. This ham is characterized by having a very long curing and maturation process, normally over 18 months, although this time may vary depending on the manufacturer. During the curing time, the ham is subjected to controlled temperature and humidity conditions, which allow complex flavors and aromas to develop.

and a soft and juicy texture. In addition, gran reserva hams tend to have greater intramuscular infiltration of fat, which gives rise to a more oily ham and a more enriching taste experience.

When a ham is gran reserva it is because it is an indication of quality that distinguishes hams that have undergone a long curing period and therefore have superior quality in terms of flavor and texture.

What is gran reserva ham?

Characteristics of gran reserva ham

Gran Reserva ham is a high-quality ham that is characterized by its:

- Long curing: These hams are cured for at least 18 months up to several years. During this process, the humidity and temperature to which the hams are subjected are controlled. This gives rise to the ham acquiring complex flavors and aromas.

- Infiltration of intramuscular fat: This type of ham presents a greater infiltration of fat in its meat, which gives rise to a ham with more texture and juiciness.

- Smooth and juicy texture: Due to the infiltrated fat, these hams have a great juiciness and texture that makes them melt easily in the mouth.

- Color and appearance: The color of the gran reserva ham is an intense red while the part of the fat has a slight yellowish tone, in addition this ham has intramuscular veining which is what gives it its appearance particular.

- Gourmet value: Gran Reserva ham is considered a gourmet ham of very good quality due to its long maturation.

All these characteristics make gran reserva ham a highly valued ham by its diners, making it a high-end product.

Characteristics of gran reserva ham

Why buy gran reserva ham in degusta teruel?

In our online gourmet store we have the best gran reserva ham without a place to doubt. Our hams are naturally cured at an open window at more than 1300 meters of altitude. By having this type of curing, we have no problem with the main problem with salt-cured hams, which is that the hams are salty. We ship our hams direct from the factory. We ship to all of Spain in 24 hours and also to the entire European Union in 48/72 hours. Visit our website and discover all the ham offers what we offer. If you do not know which ham to choose, we can advise you on it, from our social networks, mail, telephone or from the chat available on our own page

Recetas con jamón gran reserva

As we mentioned before, gran reserva ham is a high-quality ham, so our recommendation to eat this ham is quite simple, in order to fully enjoy its flavor.

- Our main recommendation is to eat the ham only cut into thin slices to fully appreciate its flavor.

- Another option is to eat it together with sausages and cheeses, you can make a table and add different sausages, cheeses or various appetizers to it and enjoy it with a good red wine.

- Another option is to try it in sandwiches or sandwiches, this option is one of our favorites since you can mix it with tomato and eat it anywhere.

Even so, there are a thousand ways to use ham, so we encourage you to try different recipes and find the ones you like best.

Recipes with gran reserva ham
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Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 24 months
7kg - 7,5kg | 7,5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8,5kg | 8,5kg - 9kg
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