Pack of 3 Honeys
Pack of 3 Honeys

Pack of 3 Honeys

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Pack with 3 various honeys.

Ideal for gifts, weddings, communions and baptisms.

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Pack composed of:

-The rosemary honey is obtained from the April harvest, we obtain it in Ladruñan (Castellote). The Teruel maestrazgo is characterized by having a lot of wild rosemary. With high floral polyclinic values.

Monofloral honey produced and packaged in Spain. 100% homegrown natural honey. Collected in a traditional way in the heart of the mountains of Maestrazgo (Teruel) between 600 and 1,700 meters high. Handcrafted by decanting to guarantee all its properties in the Bee Farm Casa Montaña located in the Maestrazgo Cultural Park and protected space Red Natura 2000.

- Late Summer Flora Honey is a type of honey that is produced during the late summer season, when certain species of plants bloom in the region. Being a monofloral honey, it is obtained mainly from the nectar of the flowers of a specific species that predominates during that period.

The characteristics of this honey can vary depending on the plants that are used. are in bloom at that time and of the specific geographic environment. In general, Late Summer Flora Honey can have a distinctive color and flavor that reflects the predominant flowers in the region during that season.

Early Spring Maestrazgo Flora Honey is a type of honey that is produced in the Maestrazgo region, located in the province of Teruel, Spain. This honey is characterized by being a polyfloral honey, that is, it is obtained mainly from the nectar of the flowers of the wild flora found in the Maestrazgo during early spring.

El Maestrazgo is a mountainous area with great floral diversity, which contributes to obtaining this unique honey. During early spring, various species of plants bloom and provide nectar that bees collect and transform into honey.

- Honey Flora del Maestrazgo Early Springhas its own organoleptic characteristics, which may vary depending on the predominant flowers in the area during that period. It can have a light or amber color, and its flavor and aroma will depend on the flowers that have contributed to its preparation.

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