Chocolate nougat
Chocolate nougat

Chocolate nougat

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Weights: 300gr

Chocolate nougat,

Dessert and sweet on festivities.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Chocolate nougat"

Quantity: 300gr.

Ingredients: ALMONDS, CHOCOLATE coating (sugar, cocoa butter), WHOLE MILK POWDER, paste cocoa, soy lecithin (emulsifier) and vanilla (flavouring).

What is chocolate nougat?

Chocolate nougat is a variant of nougat that stands out for its chocolate flavor. It is a very popular and appreciated sweet in gastronomy, especially during Christmas festivities.

Chocolate nougat is mainly made with ingredients such as dark chocolate, sugar and almonds. The chocolate melts and mixes with sugar and roasted almonds, creating a homogeneous mass. The mixture is molded into tablets or bars and then cooled to solidify.

There are different types of chocolate nougat, such as dark chocolate nougat, milk chocolate nougat, or chocolate nougat white. Each has a distinctive flavor and texture, depending on the type of chocolate used.

Chocolate nougat is prized for its sweet, rich chocolate flavor as well as its smooth, creamy texture. It comes in tablets or bars, and is wrapped in brown paper or packed in plastic.

This type of nougat is eaten as a dessert or as a sweet during the Christmas festivities in Spain. It is served in small portions and is enjoyed alone or as an accompaniment to coffee, tea, or even sweet wine.

Chocolate nougat is also used as an ingredient in the preparation of other desserts, such as cakes, ice creams, or fillings. of chocolates.

In summary, the chocolate nougat is a variant of the nougat that stands out for its chocolate flavor. It is a very popular sweet during the Christmas holidays and is enjoyed for its sweet and creamy taste.

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