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The Jiloca area returns to share another table, and this time with the foie and confit, products from French cuisine that have been retaken in order to show that everything is not French.

Characteristics of duck products

The duck products that are so precious on the market that they are not appreciated in the sense, it is curious but it is real, the duck products have always been associated with French cuisine, which is true but it has always been seen as a product for a certain section of the population, which is not the case, savoring the products in our Mediterranean cuisine is synonymous with quality, products that today like the foie, and the confit is very popular in salads and different dishes

Areas where the duck products are made

The duck products are located in the area of ​​the region of Jiloca, in Santa Eulalia, our eagerness to make known the products that are made in Teruel, made us contact them that have a great duck production , and great quality.

Buy duck confit

Degusta Teruel decides to promote the consumption of duck, a consumption that is questioned by what represents the elaborated duck, but that every day is more fashionable. In Teruel tastes you can find from foie, steaks, confit and various products all packed.

Degusta Teruel delicatessen products that together at Teruel ham and deer and pork sausages are references in our online store.

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If you would like fresh products, let us know and we will contact our producers to make any type of shipment and to try these wonderful products.