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    Talking about Teruel , is talking about ham. The first ham from Spain that would get the denomination of origin, recognition that would get in 1984. The ham of Teruel is formed by the large white races (female) and duroc (male) at a minimum of 900m, the natural drying process ends up being optimal for the good taste of Teruel ham.

    What are the peculiarities of the ham of denomination of origin

    • The ham of Teruel of denomination must have the following considerations

    Pigs coming from Teruel

    • Both for rearing and fattening, life time of 8 to 9 months
    • Healing will be at an altitude of 900 meters , taking into account various weather factors
    • races will be taken into account Commented, both the female large white and the father duroc
    • The healing time will be around 16 months

    Buy ham of Teruel of denomination of origin

    When buying a ham of Teruel of denomination of origin we must take into account these 4 factors indicated by the advice from Designation of origin of Teruel , however, we also explain them here:

    • Vítola numerada , this badge surrounds the hoof and indicates the trazabiilidad of the process of each piece
    • Conservation of the hoof
    • Fire star, Normally it is located near the hoof and is 8 points.
    • Traceability code

    Areas where Teruel ham is cured and reared

    Teruel ham concentrates on the zones of Matarraña, gudar- javalambre, maestrazgo, community of Teruel and the zone of Jiloca , all these zones work the quality of the ham of Teruel, from the birth of the pig until its slaughter and healing, the whole process is worked from fattening, until the ham is cured.

    With a great number of dryers hams that we can find distributed in the province of Teruel.

    Buying ham from Teruel, is buying one of the best white-legged hams

    Teruel , synonymous with ham, synonymous with good eating, calls into question the curing of ham, being a quality ham that is produced. The ham of Teruel is declared as one of the most important hams in Spain, this unique ham due to its natural drying is tasted by many people who indicate that the thermal differences are very profitable to get a ham of great quality.

    In many parts of Spain the ham is a reference, but few have the perfect conditions for a correct curing, logically, Teruel takes advantage of the Gudar and Javalambre saws to achieve distinction within of quality.

    If you want to know more about the ham of Teruel can ask us the doubts that they have, that difficult many times to find a ham according to the palate of oneself, but in Degusta Teruel, we will help you and advise you in the choice of your ham.

    Although for home recommendation , do not fail to try the Designation of origin sticker and the female ham

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