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Duroc Pata V Ham

Duroc Pata V Ham

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Weights: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg.

Natural curing of more than 20 months.

Serrano ham cured in Teruel.

Cut into 5 pieces

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Drying: Naturally dried ham at more than 1300 meters

Healing: More than 16 months

Approx weight: 6.5/7.5/8.5kg

Cut: V

Ingredients: Pork ham , salt, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E-252) and antioxidant (E-301).

Best before: See packaging, (usually 9-12 months)

Presentation: Glass jar

Storage: Cool, dry place. Store in the refrigerator once opened.

Use: It is used as a base to accompany pasta, On top of the pizzas or with the potato omelette, it is delicious.

What is Duroc ham?

Duroc ham is a type of cured ham obtained from pigs of the Duroc breed. The Duroc is a breed of pig native to the United States and is characterized by having juicy meat well infiltrated with fat, which gives it a particular flavor and texture.

The Duroc Duroc ham is distinguished by its intense reddish color, its aroma and its more pronounced flavor compared to other types of ham. The infiltration of fat into the meat gives it a soft and juicy texture, which contributes to its quality and palatability.

Duroc pigs are raised under controlled conditions and specific food, which guarantees a high quality product. After breeding, the pigs are slaughtered and the curing process proceeds.

Duroc ham is appreciated for its balanced flavor, its marbling of fat that provides juiciness and its curing time, which can vary from several months to even years, depending on the quality and the type of final product desired.

Our Serrano and Iberian hams are the best on the market. Bodega ham is an intense quality ham, dried at more than 1300m above sea level. altitude. Buy Duroc ham online at the best price!

Duroc ham leg v

Characteristics of Duroc ham

The Duroc ham is characterized by several distinctive features:

- Duroc breed : Duroc ham comes from pigs of the Duroc breed, which are characterized by having specific genetics. These pigs are native to the United States and are selectively bred for high-quality meat.

- Fat marbling : One of the main characteristics of Duroc ham is its infiltration of intramuscular fat. This results in a marbling of fat in the meat, which contributes to its flavor, juiciness and texture. The marbling of fat provides a greater smoothness and softness to the ham.

- Intense flavor: The ham Duroc stands out for its more pronounced flavor compared to other types of ham. The fat infiltrated into the meat provides a juicier and tastier flavor, which makes it a valued option for lovers of good ham.

- Intense reddish color: The meat of Duroc ham has an intense and bright red color. This is due to the quality of the meat and the presence of a greater amount of myoglobin, a pigment that contributes to the characteristic color.

- Long Curing: Duroc ham undergoes a long curing process, which can vary from several months to even years, depending on the type and quality of the final product desired. During this process, the ham develops its distinctive flavor and the desired characteristics of aroma, texture and ripeness are acquired.

- Gourmet quality: Duroc ham is considered a gourmet product due to its high quality and unique characteristics. It is prized for its balanced flavor, juicy texture, and adequate curing time.

Duroc ham curing

The curing of our Duroc hams takes place in exceptional climatic conditions. They are dried at an altitude greater than 1300 meters, added to the low temperature that prevails in the province of Teruel, make a completely natural cure possible, without forced ventilation, which is known as open window curing.

duroc ham

How to start a ham?

To start a duroc ham, we must first place and fix the piece in a suitable ham holder, with the hoof facing upwards. We will begin the cut in the area of the club.

We must locate a small protrusion called the hock; Two fingers from this, we will make a cut at about 45º that will mark our cutting area.

We will clean the part of the ham from rind and rancid bacon, making sure that there are no remains that could give a bad taste. It is important that we do not have any yellow fat left as it brings unwanted rancid and bitter flavors.

With our ham knife we will begin to remove thin slices from the highest part, these will become progressively longer as the cut progresses. For a professional finish, the ham should be cut parallel to the femur.

To enjoy the highest quality ham, the filleting of the ham must be as thin as possible. With this, we will be able to savor and enjoy the best properties of the ham.

part of the ham

Recipes with Duroc ham

Croquettes with ham recipe.

Ham croquettes are a delicious and versatile classic. To prepare them, Serrano ham is cooked with onion in butter, flour and milk are added to make a creamy béchamel and seasoned to taste. After refrigerating the dough, croquettes are formed, coated in beaten egg and breadcrumbs, and deep-fried until golden brown and crisp. These croquettes are ideal as an appetizer or main dish, and can be accompanied with the sauce of your choice. Enjoy these homemade treats!

Peas and Ham Recipe.

Peas and Ham is a tasty and comforting dish. In a pan, sauté chopped Serrano ham with onion and garlic until golden. Then, peas (fresh or frozen), chicken broth, salt, and pepper are added. Cook over low heat until the peas are tender and the liquid has reduced. A touch of fresh herbs such as mint or parsley can be added at the end to enhance the flavor. This dish is perfect as a side dish or as a main course accompanied by rice or crusty bread. Enjoy this delicious combination of flavors!

Potato omelette with ham.

Make a classic Spanish omelette by adding cubes of ham to the egg mixture and potatoes before cooking.

Serrano ham and tomato toasts.

Toast slices of bread, rub them with garlic and place slices of serrano ham and slices of fresh tomato. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Ham croquette
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Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 20 months
7kg - 7,5kg | 7,5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8,5kg
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