Gluten-free pasta

Pasta made by hand with gluten-free ingredients, chocholate cookies, Tea paste, palm trees, sponge cake, muffins and much more.

Gluten-free and lactose-free pasta

Who doesn't like candy? As the saying goes, “nobody is bitter with a sweet”. And it is the truth. Pasta and sweets make our lives happy. We associate them with acts of happiness: celebrations, challenges achieved ... Therefore, whenever something good happens, they are there for us to enjoy.

However, until a few years ago, celiacs had severe problems with this type of food. It was still difficult to find shelves with gluten-free products on a large surface. And, in addition, those stores that offered them did so at too high a price, so getting gluten-free sweets was similar to a delicacy.

As we have mentioned, today we acquire sweets and pastries for occasions when we have to celebrate an act. But ... why did these foods begin to be created? Well, actually, the first sweets were created for travelers and merchants who had to make very long trips and who needed light foods that would provide them with a large amount of energy. Obviously, when we speak of "sweet" in those times we do not have to think about the foods that we have around us today. If not, they mixed cereals, honey and fruit to create a dough with a lot of calories and energy inside.

Currently, we can find a thousand types of pasta and sweets, with different ingredients such as chocolate, fruits, different types of sugar ... And, above all, different types of flour that allow cooking gluten-free pasta and that are suitable for everyone.

How are they made?

There are many gluten-free and lactose-free pasta. The process to cook them follows the same steps as if we were cooking any other recipe, but we have to bear in mind that gluten-free flours are a bit more complicated to handle, since the dough is not so compact. With this, I do not want you to be discouraged. With effort, affection and perseverance, every recipe is achieved.


tea paste with different shapes
almond cookies in a bowl

Types of pasta without gluten or lactose

Muffins, chocolate palm trees, tea cakes, sponge cake ... A multitude of cakes that will make your celebrations unforgettable events and in which everyone will want to repeat.