Pork chops and kidney meat from Ternasco de Aragón IGP

Pork chops and kidney meat from Ternasco de Aragón IGP

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Ternasco Meat from Aragon PGI


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Ternasco de Aragón PGI pork chops and kidney meat are high-quality meat products made with Ternasco de Aragón lamb meat raised under the rigorous standards of the Ternasco de Aragón Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Pal chops are a cut of meat from the upper part of the leg of lamb, while kidney chops are a cut obtained from the lower part of the animal's back. Both cuts are recognized for their intense flavor and their tender and juicy texture.

Ternasco de Aragón meat is characterized by being of high quality, with a soft and delicate flavor. In addition, it is a healthy and nutritious meat, low in saturated fat and rich in high-quality protein.

The pork chops and the kidney meat from Ternasco de Aragón PGI are ideal to prepare on the grill, grilled or in the oven, and can be accompanied with various garnishes and sauces. These cuts are an excellent option for a special dinner or for those looking for authentic flavor and superior quality in their meat dishes.

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Ternasco from Aragon IGP
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