Iberian sliced ​​ham 50%
Iberian sliced ​​ham 50%

Iberian sliced ​​ham 50%

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If you don't like cutting ham, with these envelopes you can try an incredible ham.

Weight: 100gr

More than 18 months of healing.

Bait feeding.




PRODUCT INFORMATION “Sliced Iberian Cebo Ham 50%”

Cure: More than 18 months of natural drying in an open window.

Food: Bait

Origin: 50% Iberian bait.

Weight: 100gr.

What is sliced Iberian ham?

Sliced 50% Iberian Cebo Ham is a type of Iberian ham that has been cut into slices and is made from pigs with 50% Iberian breed in their genetic composition.

In In this case, the term "bait" refers to the feeding of the pigs. The pigs used to produce this type of ham are raised on farms where they are fed a diet based on feed and other foods. Unlike acorn-fed ham, the Iberian fattening pig does not feed on acorns or natural resources from the pasture.

The percentage of 50% of the Iberian breed indicates that these pigs are crosses between Iberian pigs and other pig breeds, such as Duroc.

The sliced 50% Iberian bait ham is cut into thin slices to facilitate consumption and is vacuum packed to preserve its freshness. It is a convenient option for those who want to enjoy the flavor of Iberian ham without having to cut it manually.

Sliced Iberian Cebo Ham 50%

How to eat 50% sliced Iberian bait ham?

Our recommendation when consuming sliced Iberian ham is to open the package a couple of hours before consuming it to fully appreciate its flavor. Once opened, you can use the ham in a wide variety of dishes such as sandwiches, sausage boards, sandwiches, ham croquettes, risottos with ham, etc...

There are thousands of recipes that can be made with sliced Iberian ham, leave your mind and enjoy creating the creations.

Once you open the package of ham, remember that the sliced ham must be kept refrigerated and consumed within an appropriate period of time according to the instructions on the package . When opening it, it is advisable to cover it with plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container to preserve its freshness.


At Degusta Teruel we have selected the best sliced ham so that all our customers can try the best quality ham without needing knowledge of cutting ham or space for a leg or shoulder of ham.

In addition, since vacuum-packed ham is an excellent option to be able to preserve the ham envelopes in perfect condition for a very long period of time.

When consuming the vacuum-packed sliced ham, we recommend removing the envelope from the refrigerator and vacuum and letting the product rest for about 20 minutes before consuming it. This will ensure that we can enjoy the product in all its splendor.

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Type of ham:
Jamón de cebo ibérico 50% Raza ibérica
Type of conservation:
Vacuum packed
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