Sausage tables

Discover our boards of artisanal sausages cut and vacuum packed to preserve their freshness and flavor.

Our sausage trays

Our charcuterie boards are served vacuum packed and cut into slices. We have a wide variety of sausages, produced by hand in the province of Teruel, from the most common pork sausages such as sausage loin, salchichón or chorizo to game sausages of different types such as wild boar, deer or goat. The sausage boards come prepared for direct consumption.

sausage boards
sausage boards

Types of sausages on our tables

At Degusta Teruel we have a wide variety of sausages for all tastes. That is why we have different types of sausages: 

- Pork sausages: Made as the name suggests with pork. We have a wide variety, chorizo, sausage, salchichón, sausage loin...

- Deer sausages: Deer sausages are made with deer meat instead of pork. It has a more intense and characteristic flavor than pork sausage.

- Boar sausages: Similar Like deer sausages, wild boar sausages are made with wild boar meat instead of pork. Wild boar meat tends to be leaner and have a stronger flavor than pork, which gives these sausages a distinctive character.

- Cecinas: Cecina is a type of sausage that is made by salting and air-drying or smoking the meat. It is generally made with beef, although it can also be made with other meats such as goat, deer, wild boar, among others. The meat is cut into thin strips, salted and dried to produce a final product with an intense, smoky flavor.

How to consume our tables

To consume our sausage boards and enjoy their flavor to the fullest, you can follow these steps:

1. Remove the board from the vacuum packaging and let it rest for at least an hour outside the refrigerator to cool down.

2. Place the sausages on a wooden board, plate or tray according to your preference. You can place the sausages as they come in the vacuum envelope or arrange them in the way you like best.

3. You can add other accompaniments to the sausages, such as bread, pickles, cheeses, nuts...

4. Serve the board and enjoy the best sausage at the best price with your family, friends or simply treat yourself as a snack.

5. Remember to store what you have not consumed properly, wrapping it in the same bag in which it came or, if necessary, with plastic wrap, always in the refrigerator to preserve its freshness and flavor for as long as possible.

sausage boards

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