Gourmet sausage tray

Gourmet sausage tray

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Gourmet sausage tray composed of:

- 200 grams of mushroom sausage

- 200 grams of salami with pistachios

- 200 grams of sausage with cheese

- 200 grams of sausage with truffle


PRODUCT INFORMATION "Gourmet sausage tray"

The preparation of sausages is very extensive: fresh, matured, dried, cooked, smoked, cured.

In short, the variety is very wide, in our catalog you can find cured sausages, which usually have between 1 and 2 months of curing.

These sausages, which are sausage, fuet, salchichón, chorizo, are combined with many spices and seasonings to achieve other types of flavors.

Among the aspects that are usually combined, the following can be included: spices, truffle, saffron, field mushrooms and many other things.

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