Sheep cheese with wine

Sheep cheese with wine

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Sheep cheese with wine made by hand.

For cheese and wine lovers, with a more complex and distinctive flavor.

Weight: approximately 230 gr.

Healing: 6 months.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Sheep cheese with wine"

Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's MILK, red wine, rennet, preservatives: lysozyme (derived from EGG), lactic ferments, hardener: calcium chloride and salt. Inedible rind, contains SULPHITES and preservative (E-202 and E-235)

Nutritional information: Average values ​​per 100g of product: Energy value 446Kcal/1,862Kj, Fats 37.7g, of which saturated 26g, Carbohydrates 1.5g, of which sugars <0.5g, Salt 1.63g, Proteins 26.00g.

Milk: Sheep.

Healing: 6 months.

Weight: approximately 230g.

Storage: between 2 and 8°C.

Origin of milk: Spain.

Health Registry: SPAIN 15.05675-TE

Characteristics that wine provides to cheese

The wine contributes to the cheese:

- The aroma and flavor: During the process the cheese absorbs the aromas and flavors that wine provides. Acquiring fruity, spicy, earthy or floral notes, depending on the wine used.

- Color: The wine gives it a pink or reddish.

- Easy to preserve: Thanks to the alcohol and acetic acid contained in wine, it can help preserve cheese, inhibiting the growth of unwanted bacteria.

- Attractive to the taste: By combining the flavors of cheese and wine you get a taste more interesting and distinctive.

Sheep cheese with wine
if it contains
It does not have
Type of cheese:
Type of milk:
Pasteurized sheep's milk
Type of conservation:
Vacuum packed
6 meses
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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