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Saffron Sheep Cheese

Saffron Sheep Cheese

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Handcrafted sheep's saffron cheese.

For cheese lovers looking for an intense and different flavor.

Net weight: 450gr.

Maturation: 5/6 months.



PRODUCT INFORMATION "Sheep saffron cheese"

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, saffron (2%) rennet, salt, dairy ferments. Preservative E1105 (extracted from egg white)

Milk: Sheep.

Maturation: 5/6 months.

Flavor intensity: Strong.

Color: Bright yellow.

Quantity: 450gr.

What is saffron cheese?

The intensity of the flavor increases but the texture remains with the appropriate consistency for this type of maturation, the intensity of the saltiness is medium, a slight darkening of the paste reveals the aging in the cellar.

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The cheese combines perfectly with Jiloca saffron, which gives it a distinguished touch compared to its similar products. Saffron provides all the beneficial properties it has for health and also gives it a great personality.</p >

Sheep saffron cheese

Characteristics of SAFFRON in cheese

Saffron is characterized by:

- The color: this spice has a dark and intense red color that emerges from the dry stigmas of the flower. As it is immersed in liquid, such as hot water or broth, it releases a bright golden color that stains food.

- The aroma: Saffron exudes a distinctive and captivating aroma that is described as floral, earthy and slightly sweet. Its fragrance is intense and can fill the kitchen with its aroma during cooking.

- The flavor : Saffron has a unique and complex flavor. It is slightly bitter, with subtle honey notes and an earthy undertone. Its flavor is powerful, so only a small amount is required to add its distinctive taste to dishes.

- The chemical components: Saffron contains several chemical compounds that give it its properties and benefits. Among them are crocin, which provides the characteristic color, and safranal, which contributes to the aroma.

- Quality: The quality of saffron can vary depending on factors such as the variety of the flower, the place of cultivation and the drying process. High-quality saffron is characterized by thick strands, intense color, powerful aroma and long-lasting flavor.

- The limited use: Due to its high cost and intense flavor and aroma, saffron is used sparingly in cooking. Only a small amount is required to add flavor and color to dishes, making it a valuable and appreciated spice.

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Type of cheese:
Type of milk:
Pasteurized sheep's milk
Type of conservation:
Vacuum packed
5/6 meses
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth

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