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DOP ham tray

DOP ham tray

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DOP ham tray composed of:

- 500 grams of DOP ham



The Teruel Denomination of Origin ham is a type belonging to the Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP), this means that when making these hams, strict and rigorous techniques must be followed so that their production meets the quality standards set. . These hams are produced exclusively in the province of Teruel. It is the first designation of origin of serrano ham in Spain.


The pigs with which this ham is made are born, raised and slaughtered in Teruel and belong to a cross between Landrade and Large White breeds on the maternal line and Duroc on the paternal line.


This crossing makes the Teruel designation of origin hams have excellent quality with optimal intramuscular fat infiltration provided by the Duroc breed and excellent juiciness and texture thanks to the maternal line.


In addition, Teruel ham was the first Designation of Origin in Spain for serrano ham, which was approved in 1984.