Serrano bristle ham
Serrano bristle ham

Serrano bristle ham

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Weights: 9kg to 9.5kg | 9.5kg to 10kg | 10kg to 10.5kg | 10.5kg to 11kg | 12kg to 13.5kg.

Castrated female ham, large pieces of serrano ham.

100% natural healing.

Gluten-free, lactose-free.

  • 9kg - 9.5kg
  • 9.5kg - 10kg
  • 10kg - 10.5kg
  • 10.5kg - 11kg
  • 11kg -12kg
  • 12-13,5

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Female Ham comes from pigs selected for the Protected Designation of Origin Jamón de Teruel (DOP).

Curing: 24 months

Origin: White pig

Piece without hoof and with bark

Approximate weight: 9 - 12kg

What is female ham?

The female ham is produced thanks to the landrade or large white breeds, these pieces usually have a high weight, and an intense flavor due to the fat infiltrated in each piece.

The value of the altitude implies a lot in the correct natural curing of the hams.

One of the essential factors for the good curing of the hams is the height at which that are cured, Cedrillas, the town where this type of ham comes from has an altitude of 1364m.

At Degusta Teruel we are clear about it, it is necessary quality, which is why we have one of the most important drying rooms in the province, Casa Conejos Hams

Female Ham


There is no significant difference in quality or flavor between ham from females and ham from males. The quality and flavor of the ham depend on several factors, such as the breed of the pig, its diet, the curing process and other aspects related to the production and preparation of the product.

The sex of the pig is not a determining factor in the quality of the ham. The most important thing is the quality of the meat and the technique used in its processing. In addition, most of the hams that are marketed are usually from castrated pigs, so there are no differences in flavor between males and females.

In summary, the choice between Female or male ham will not significantly affect the quality or flavor of the product.

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Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 24 months
9kg a 9,5kg | 9,5kg a 10kg | 10kg a 10,5kg | 10,5kg a 11kg | 12kg a 13,5kg
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