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Rosemary Sheep Cheese

Rosemary Sheep Cheese

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Sheep rosemary cheese made by hand.

For cheese lovers looking for an intense and captivating flavor.

Net weight: 450gr and 900gr.

Maturation: 5/6 months.



PRODUCT INFORMATION "Sheep rosemary cheese"

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, rosemary (2%) rennet, salt, dairy ferments. Preservative E1105 (extracted from egg white)

Milk: Sheep.

Maturation: 5/6 months.

Flavor intensity: Strong.

Color: Pale yellow.

Quantity: 450gr and 900gr.

What is rosemary cheese?

It is a cheese made by adding rosemary to sheep's milk in its production process. Being covered in rosemary, the rind of this cheese tends to become moldy.

Rosemary provides a distinctive flavor. By using rosemary, the cheese gives it a characteristic aroma and flavor that complements very well the dairy profile it offers. sheep cheese.

Rosemary gives it a unique flavor and versatility in the kitchen.

Sheep rosemary cheese

Characteristics of Rosemary in cheese

Rosemary is characterized by:

- The color: It does not usually affect, but in some cases it can affect giving green nuances or golden in the cheese paste.

- The aroma: It gives it a characteristic aroma, it can vary from herbaceous and earthy notes to floral touches.

- The flavor: It complements the dairy profile of the cheese, providing fresh and herbaceous notes.

- Gastronomic versatility: It can be enjoyed alone on cheese boards, or it can be used in already cooked dishes where the flavor and aroma offered by rosemary complement the main ingredients used in cooking.

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Type of cheese:
Type of milk:
Pasteurized sheep's milk
5/6 meses
Recommended for:
Appetizers, lunches or vermouth

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