Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed
Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

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A bait ham cured at more than 1300m altitude? Get ready to taste something unique!

Weights: 7kg -7.5kg | 7.5kg -8kg | 8kg -8.5kg

Piece with hoof and V cut.

Bait feeding.

  • 7kg-7.5kg
  • 7.5kg - 8kg
  • 8kg - 8.5kg

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Product information "Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed"

Curing: More than 36 months of natural drying in an open window.

Feed: Bait

Origin: 50% Iberian

Piece with hoof and V cut in the bark

Weight: 7kg -7.5kg | 7.5kg -8kg | 8kg -8.5kg

Differences between an Iberian ham and a Serrano ham

 Serrano ham and Iberian ham are two types of ham that are very popular in Spain and other countries. Although they are both cured hams, there are some important differences between them in terms of quality, flavor and the way they are made. We indicate them below:

Breed of pig: the main difference between Serrano ham and Iberian ham is the breed of pig used in its production. Serrano ham is made with white pigs of the Landrade, Large White and Duroc breeds, while Iberian ham is made with pigs of the Iberian breed, which originate from the Iberian Peninsula.

Food: another factor that influences the quality and flavor of the Ham is the food for pigs. The pigs used to make Iberian ham are raised freely in the pastures and fed on acorns and other natural foods. On the other hand, the pigs used to make Serrano ham are raised on farms and fed on feed and cereals.

Curing: the curing process of ham is another important factor that influences its flavor and texture. Iberian ham is cured for a period of between 24 and 48 months, while Serrano ham is cured for a period of between 12 and 18 months.

Flavor and texture: Iberian ham is characterized by having an intense and aromatic flavor, with a soft texture and unctuous. On the other hand, Serrano ham has a softer and saltier flavor, with a firmer texture.

In general, Iberian ham is considered Higher quality and more expensive than Serrano ham, due to the pigs' diet and the longer curing process. However, both types of ham are highly appreciated in Spanish gastronomy and can be enjoyed in a wide variety of dishes and preparations.

Ham qualities

To easily differentiate the type of ham we are buying we can observe the colors of the labels that hang from the hooves of each of the hams. It is a classification that allows us to differentiate the qualities of the ham.

Black label: 100% acorn-fed Iberian hams. What is usually called black leg.

Red label: hams of 50% Iberian purity but fed with acorns.

Green label: Iberian bait breed hams. It can have different percentages of purity, 100%, 75%, 50%.

White label: bait hams. They differ from the previous ones by the age at which they were sacrificed and the conditions in which they have lived

Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

How to cut an Iberian ham?

Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

To start a Iberian ham leg, we must first place and fix the piece in a suitable ham holder, with the hoof facing upwards. We will begin the cut in the area of the club.

We must locate a small protuberance called the hock; Two fingers away from this, we will make a cut at about 45º that will mark our cutting area.

We will clean the ham part of the rind and rancid bacon, making sure that there are no remains that could give a bad taste. It is important that we do not have any yellow fat left as it provides unwanted rancid and bitter flavors.

With our ham knife we will begin to take out thin slices from the highest part, these will become progressively longer as the cut progresses. For a professional finish, the cut of the ham should be made parallel to the femur.

To enjoy the highest quality ham, the filleting of the ham must be as fine as possible. With this, we will be able to taste and enjoy the best properties of ham.

Conservation of the Iberian ham leg

Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

Once the cut is used in our Iberian ham, a piece of ham does not require refrigeration to preserve it, simply cover the exposed meat with kitchen film, waxed paper or some material that does not dry out. the ham. We recommend covering the cut with the ham's own fat, held with a wooden toothpick and, if necessary, a cloth or kitchen towel, to maintain moisture also on the edges.

It is preferable in order to prolong its duration for a longer time that the piece is kept in a dry and cool place, preferably dark.

Recipes with Iberian ham

Iberian Cebo Ham 50% Iberian Breed

Iberian ham can be used as an ingredient to make a large number of delicious dishes. Below we show you our favorites:

Delights from Teruel: A simple but delicious dish, cut ham and bread into slices and use grated tomato to make a montadito with the bread, the tomato and the ham. You can also toast the bread to give the montadito a crunchy touch.

Ham croquettes: Cut the ham into small cubes or chop it finely. Add it to a thick bechamel and let it cool in the refrigerator. After a few hours, form the croquettes, bread them and fry them until golden.

Ham and mushroom risotto: Sauté the ham and mushrooms in a frying pan with garlic to taste, add rice and previously heated broth little by little, stirring constantly until you have that the rice is done. Add grated cheese and mix

Ham and melon salad: Combine slices of serrano ham with pieces of fresh melon in a salad. Add arugula leaves, crumbled feta cheese, walnuts, and a honey mustard vinaigrette dressing to create a refreshing and flavorful salad.

These are just a few ideas for cooking with ham. You can experiment and add it to your favorite dishes to give them an extra touch of flavor!

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Type of ham:
Jamón de cebo ibérico 50% Raza ibérica
More than 24 months
7kg - 7,5kg | 7,5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8,5kg
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