D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones

D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones

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We know how difficult it is to eat well, so we give you the solution.

First designation of origin of Serrano ham in Spain.

Boneless into 5 pieces with bones.

Gluten-free, lactose-free.


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PRODUCT INFORMATION "Deboned D.O.P Ham from Teruel in 5 pieces with bones"

Healing: 24 months.

Origin: White pig.

Weight: 7kg - 7.5kg | 7.5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8.5kg.

Ingredients: Pork ham, salt, sugar, preservatives (E-250, E-252) and antioxidant (E-301 ).

What is D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones?

The Teruel Denomination of Origin ham is a type belonging to the Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO), which means that when making these hams it must be to follow strict and rigorous techniques so that its production meets the quality standards set. These hams are produced exclusively in the province of Teruel.

The pigs with which this ham is made are born, raised and slaughtered in Teruel and belong to a cross between Landrade and Large White breeds on the maternal line and Duroc on the paternal line.

This cross means that the Teruel denomination of origin hams have an excellent quality with an optimal infiltration of intramuscular fat provided by the Duroc breed and excellent juiciness and texture thanks to the maternal line.

In addition, Teruel ham was the first Denomination of Origin in Spain for serrano ham, which was approved in 1984.

This product consists of 5 Cubes of boneless hamof Denomination of Origin. By deboning the ham into 5 pieces, it is divided into more manageable sections for later consumption. The parts of the boneless ham go in vacuum bags, which allows them to last long periods of time without altering the quality of the ham that we offer.

D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones

How to preserve boneless ham tacos?

To properly preserve the boneless ham cubes once they have been removed from the vacuum bag, I recommend following these guidelines:

Storage: The tacos must be in a refrigerated place. Our advice is that when you are going to eat it, take it out for about an hour at room temperature before starting to cut it.

Wrapping : If you are going to store the boneless ham cube again, we recommend that you cover it either with the same vacuum-sealed plastic bag that comes with it or with transparent film, to prevent the cube from drying out and insert it back in the fridge.

Regular consumption: To enjoy a ham in optimal conditions, it is advisable to consume boneless tacos within 1 to 2 months since its acquisition. This will ensure its freshness and flavor.

Cut at the moment: To preserve the quality of the ham, it is recommended to cut only the necessary cubes each time and leave the rest uncut. In this way, the ham stays in better condition for longer.

Remember that ham is a natural product and may change its flavor and texture over time. By following these recommendations, you will be able to keep the boneless ham cubes in good conditions to enjoy their unique flavor.

Curing of Teruel denomination of origin ham cubes

The curing of our denomination of origin Teruel ham boneless tacos is carried out in exceptional climatic conditions. They are dried for at least 14 months at an altitude greater than 1300 meters, added to the low temperature that prevails in the province of Teruel, make a completely natural cure possible, without forced ventilation, which is known as open window curing. .

D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones

Recipes with boneless ham

Here are a few recipe ideas that you can make with boneless ham:

Toast with boneless ham: Spread slices of toasted bread with crushed tomato and olive oil. Then, place thin slices of boneless ham on top. You can add a little extra olive oil and enjoy some delicious toast.

Boneless Ham Quiche: Make a quiche batter or use a purchased dough. In a container, mix beaten eggs, liquid cream, salt, pepper and grated cheese. Add pieces of boneless ham and pour the mixture over the dough. Bake until the quiche is golden and firm.

Risotto with Boneless Ham: Make a classic risotto with Arborio or Carnaroli rice. During cooking, add boneless ham pieces and stir well. Once the rice is creamy and cooked, serve hot and enjoy this comforting dish.

D.O.P Teruel ham boneless in 5 pieces with bones
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It does not have
It does not have
Type of ham:
Serrano ham
More than 24 months
7kg - 7,5kg | 7,5kg - 8kg | 8kg - 8,5kg | 8,5kg - 9kg
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