Deer Chorizo
Deer Chorizo
Deer Chorizo
Deer Chorizo
Deer Chorizo
Deer Chorizo

Deer Chorizo

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Net weight: 250gr

Made with deer game meat, ideal to consume in appetizers.

Strong and tasty flavor.


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Sanitary registration: 10.025665/TE

Ingredients: Lean deer, bacon, paprika, salt, spices, vegetable extracts, dextrose, natural aroma.

Net weight: 250 g, of which sugars 0.9 g, Proteins 26.01g, salt 3.79g.

Best before: See packaging, (normally 9 -12 months)

Presentation: Vacuum packed.

Storage: Cool and dry place. Store in the refrigerator once opened.

Use: It is used in accompaniments, starters, lunches and snacks.

What is deer chorizo?

Deer chorizo is a sausage, it is a sausage similar in preparation to pork chorizo, however, the composition varies and it is mainly deer meat.

This meat is a meat acquired from through big game hunting in the universal mountains (Sierra de Albarracín).

The deer is a wild animal, known mainly for its meat, which has unique culinary properties in the kitchen, due to having a tasty and lean meat.

deer sausage

How is deer chorizo made?

The preparation of the pork chorizo follows the same processes as the traditional sausage, varying in time and form, the ingredients of the recipe.

The following components will be used to make it:

1.- Deer meat: Deer meat, is the main ingredient in the preparation of the sausage. The stipulated minimum deer meat is 50%, this sausage specifically has more than 70% deer meat.

2.- Deer fat pork: It is used to give juiciness to the product.

3.- Natural casings: They are used in the preparation of sausage, just like the traditional sausage. Natural casings are used or, failing that, synthetic casings are used.

4.- Spices, seasonings and aromas: They are used to preserve the sausage and give it color, texture and flavor. Garlic, spices, aromas are used.

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Appetizers, lunches or vermouth
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