lean skewer

lean skewer

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Weights: 250gr, 500gr, 750gr, 1kg

Made with lean pork.

Does not contain lactose or gluten.


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The pincho de magro is a dish of Spanish gastronomy that consists of a skewer of lean pork seasoned with spices and grilled. The lean is the leanest part of the pork, and is characterized by its mild flavor and tender texture. Lean skewers are usually marinated with a mixture of spices that can vary depending on the region or the cook, but usually includes garlic, paprika, oregano, and cumin, among others. They are grilled or grilled and are usually served as an appetizer or main dish in bars and restaurants. Lean skewers can be accompanied by various sauces and garnishes, such as chips, salads or garlic bread.

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