Chicken breast

Chicken breast

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Weights: 250gr, 500gr, 750gr, 1kg

Type of meat: chicken

Gluten-free, lactose-free.


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Fresh chicken breast is a cut of chicken meat obtained from the breast area of ​​the animal. It is a lean meat, that is, it has very little fat, and it is known for being an excellent source of high-quality protein. Fresh chicken breast can be presented in different ways, whether whole, filleted, cubed, among others, and it is very versatile in the kitchen. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as grilled, grilled, baked, pan-fried, etc., and it can also be marinated with different spices and herbs to add more flavor. When it comes to its nutritional value, fresh chicken breast is low in fat and calories, but it is an excellent source of protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, and other essential nutrients. It is a good option for those people who seek to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It is important to ensure that the chicken breast is fresh and of a high quality in order to get the best results in the kitchen and avoid any health problems. Also, it's important to cook it properly to ensure it's fully cooked and to prevent foodborne illness.

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